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The Big Purple Blob PODCAST

Jul 20, 2022

My Spouse doesn't want to improve or repair our marriage.

+How to move from a place of frustration to acceptance
+When to seek help
+Is it possible to change your marriage if your spouse isn't willing to change?
+What are some first steps we can take to improve our marriage?
Virtual therapy available anywhere
Psychological Care for Expats - Truman Group
BetterHelp | Professional Counseling With A Licensed Therapist

Virtual Coaching Anywhere
Sharoya or I would love to consult with you if you are ready to make changes in your marriage.
Sharoya:  Parent Coaching - Embrace Behavior Change

Episode 28 of The Expat Mom Podcast:  How to See Your Spouse With New Eyes
How to See Your Spouse with New Eyes: Getting Rid of Self-Deception - The Expat Mom Podcast
This episode is re-posted for newer listeners and orginially aired as episode #5 on The Big Purple Blob Podcast.