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The Big Purple Blob PODCAST

Dec 14, 2022

Sharoya Ham is an expert in teaching kids new techniques for behavioral change.  She is a wonderful resource for Expat Parents who are struggling with challenges in creating structure, parenting strong-willed children, outbursts and more.  

Connect with Sharoya Ham here. 

Dec 7, 2022

Angie and Katie share what it was like for their families to repatriate after consecutive overseas tours.  
  • Kids in American public schools
  • Managing a home without help
  • Finding your purpose and people
  • Defining and communicating your values 

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Nov 30, 2022

Have you ever felt guilty for leaving your extended family behind to pursue the life of your dreams? Do you struggle with feelings of regret for having missed your extended family's weddings, funerals, etc.?
World-renowned intercultural strategist Sundae Bean shares how you can creatively show family and friends how...

Nov 23, 2022

Are your kids constantly bickering? Does eating the last Choco-Pie create a mega meltdown in your home? 

How can we build stronger relationships and connections for our siblings?

Join Wellness Expert Susie and Teen Coach Angi for a talk on creating more kinship in your family.  

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Nov 16, 2022

A personal EFM discussion for all of us in the trailing spouse community.  When we sign on for this lifestyle and work- there is a designated role for the direct hire spouse.  The role of the eligible family member is less clear and often carries an unexpected Mental Load...and that can get heavy.

Jennie and Angi share...