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The Big Purple Blob PODCAST

Apr 29, 2021


Sharoya and Susie discuss ExPat Parenting experiences and ideas for support.

  • Dealing with lack of social interaction
  • Planning for your kids' emotions during PCS
  • Responding to the challenges of remote learning
  • Preparing your kids for their new school
  • Finding replacements for screen time, sports, travel

Apr 20, 2021

Katie Fowle, Reading Teacher and Angi Solley, Teen Counselor discuss how to deal with a disagreement with the teachers at school.  

Online Resources

Khan Academy - pre-k - high school academic resources

Epic - online digital library
Skillshare - elementary-high school academic & interest-based resources
Outschool -...

Apr 15, 2021

Main points discussed:
How to move from a place of frustration to acceptance
When to seek help
Is it possible to change your marriage if your spouse isn't willing to change?
What are some first steps we can take to improve our marriage?
Sharoya Ham of Embrace Behavior Change
Jennie Linton of The Expat Mom

Apr 10, 2021

Learn how to encourage your child's Resilience, Relationships, and Routines with Parent Coach Angie and Reading Teacher Katie 
Topics Covered
  • Noticing and naming your child's inner character strengths
  • Modeling for your child how to fail
  • Creating routines to encourage your child's reading and life skills
  • Putting this...