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The Big Purple Blob PODCAST

Mar 8, 2023

How do we keep spiritual growth or faith consistant as we move around the world?  This episode focuses on raising kids with faith.

  • Our experiences exercising our religious faith traditions and passing them onto our families in the context of being an Expat.
  • How did we pass on (or choose not to pass on) our faith traditions to our kids? 
  • What we did when there were no places to worship aligned with our respective religious affiliations or no English-speaking services?
  • How our Interactions with friends and neighbors whose religious backgrounds were completely different than ours shifted our religious worldview, theological viewpoint, and identity?
  • Any challenges we may have faced when we return home to family and/or congregations who have different views and traditions than our families
    In this episode, Susie, Jennie, & Sharoya answers questions sent in by a BPB listener.  The listener wanted us to share our ideas. 


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