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The Big Purple Blob PODCAST

Oct 11, 2023

I know...I know...we also cringe at the term "trailing spouse" but when titling podcasts...what's an equally and understood term?  Can we start making "traveling partner" a thing?  Or "freelance partner"?  Send your suggestions to

Insights from Luke & Tim:

Tim Claver Photography:
Luke Beer is a first-tour EFM living in Armenia along with his wife a USAID FSO, and their 4-year-old daughter. A Canadian-born, rural character who recently became a naturalized American, he loves a spirited geopolitical discussion or a museum on any topic but misses his Hereford cows
back home dearly. Luke met his wife while working in Afghanistan and has traveled to
another 40 countries. Without any formal social accreditations besides being the President
of two different Rotary Clubs, Luke relishes in the improvement of his cross-cultural awareness
and aptitude. At the same time, as someone who genuinely believes in the mission of American
diplomacy and who appreciates living abroad in challenging environments, he is keen to share
his self-deprecating experiences that might benefit others.